Thursday June 26, 2014 #639

“We think we believe what we know, but we only truly believe what we feel.” ~Laurence Gonzales


Logic and factual knowledge are great sources of strength you can and must use to bring context and understanding to ambiguous situations and problems.  However, the only thing that truly keeps us moving with commitment, drive and passion is our belief in ourselves, in others, and in our vision of the future.  And that belief is not due to logic or factual knowledge.  It is due to how we feel.

As leaders, we must provide our teams with a compelling vision of the future that they can believe in.  That vision must be grounded in fact, but even the seeming impossible can be achieved when people believe in their ability to do something great.

Determine your vision for your team’s success, articulate it with passion repeatedly, support efforts to make progress, and watch the magic happen.  And be sure to pay attention to how you and your team are feeling along the way.