Tuesday August 21, 2018 #991

“It is important that you get clear for yourself that your only access to impacting life is action. The world does not care what you intend, how committed you are, how you feel or what you think, and certainly it has no interest in what you want and don’t want. Take a look at life as it is lived and see for yourself that the world only moves for you when you act.

~Werner Erhard

Imagining and dreaming about a better life, and hoping that good things will come to you will do nothing without action on your part. No one and no thing is going to save you. You must save yourself.

The good news? You have all you need to manifest the life you dream of having. Your own skills and experiences, combined with the resources of friends, family, and colleagues will give you the tools to make your actions meaningful.

By all means, dream and visualize the outcomes you desire for your personal and professional lives. And then begin taking the actions necessary to move you toward those outcomes. Use your skills and resources, and ask for help where you need it. Without action, dreams – even those that you are committed to and intend to have come true, are only fantasies