Tuesday March 20, 2012 #404

 “The courage to change your life is a process, one step at a time. The wisdom required to take that action rests within all of us. With every step we take, our confidence increases and we realize the true power of the gift of life. In this process, we find that believing in ourselves unlocks so much magic that life takes on an entirely new glorious nature.”

~Eldon Taylor

This is perhaps the most difficult lesson to learn, internalize and implement:  To dramatically improve your chances for success in all things, the starting point is belief in your ability to succeed.  Without true belief in yourself, even if you have the courage to take actions your self-limiting beliefs will hinder your progress.

The good news is that simply by taking action – even if you don’t yet believe, your confidence and your belief and even faith in yourself will increase with each small success.  The key is to allow yourself that learning.  To allow yourself to realize that the success is in fact due to your amazing abilities and unique humanity.

Go ahead, give it a try. You really are that amazing.