Thursday May 14 2009 #120

“Emotions are like gasoline – they can both be dangerous and destructive, but extremely powerful when controlled or harnessed properly.  We can take advantage of this emotional energy under our control to help us become more productive, if we can capture its value.”

~Mike Poulin

I came across this quote in a recent article by my friend Dr. Susan Biali entitled “Harness Your Emotions & Take Back Your Life.” 

I encourage you to click the link and read the short article, particularly if you have a tendency to react first, and think later.  Each of us can think of times when we allowed our emotions to push us to make a comment or take an action which we would later regret.  By learning to control and harness the power of our emotions, we become better leaders and more effective in all our relationships.

Dr. Susan Biali is an award-winning medical doctor, media wellness expert, author, speaker, life coach and flamenco dancer.  Dr. Biali teaches others how to discover themselves, create vibrant health, and design the life of their dreams.  Frequently featured in media across North America, Dr. Biali is the weekly wellness expert for the national television program The Daily, and is currently developing her own television show with a team of producers. She has appeared on MSNBC, The Good Life Network, and in Self, Fitness and Hello! magazines, and was even invited to perform flamenco dance on E! Entertainment Television.  Her new book, Your Prescription for Life, will be released by New York’s Beaufort Books in January 2010.