Thursday July 10, 2008 #51

 “There is only abundance for the person who focuses on helping and enriching the lives of others with their talents and products in the spirit of love.”

 ~Michelle K Rios

Today’s quote comes from friend and management coach/consultant Michelle K Rios.  Michelle’s thoughts echo my philosophy of the power of love & passion in the business world.  Her practice and research clearly show that long term success for leaders and companies come from a clear focus on servant leadership:  producing remarkable results by facilitating the success of others: peers, subordinates and business partners.  Your own wins provide short-term immediate personal results, but may not provide long-term success for yourself or your organization if you fail to help those around you succeed as well.  Facilitating others’ wins provides exponential personal results over the long term.  Which will you choose?

Note:  Check out Michelle’s excellent website for information about her coaching and consulting practice and to get valuable tips on improving your own leadership abilities.