Tuesday December 4, 2012 #477


“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”


~Bo Bennett


When trying to raise your own enthusiasm for a challenge or activity, or the enthusiasm of people you lead, consider the recipe provided in today’s quote. 


Excitement stems from anticipation of something you desire.  Are you clear about what you desire or what your team desires?  The vision you have for yourself or your team must tie to achieving that desired state.


True power comes from an inspired choice.  Without an inspirational foundation, it will be tough to drive enthusiasm.  What inspires you? 


You cannot motivate others – you can only provide a motivational environment.  Motivation usually stems from a clear vision of why we should strive for something as well as supporting those who choose to follow.  What are you doing to motivate yourself and your people? 


Finally, a bit of creativity is usually required to inspire and motivate different people and to overcome various obstacles.  Creativity comes from asking questions and being open to learning and accepting new ideas.  What are you doing to drive creativity?


Put it all together and you may just find that enthusiasm you and your team needs to truly achieve!