Thursday August 14, 2008 #59

 “Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results.” 

~Alex Mandossian 

One of the common misconceptions of those seeking great success, wealth, and other extraordinary results is the idea that these things come from single moments of luck, windfalls, etc.  The fact is that most extraordinary results come from many small, ordinary efforts done consistently over time.

You want wealth?  Contribute religiously to your 401K

You want health?  Stretch and walk and eat good foods every day

You want to have expertise?  Learn & practice something every day in your area of interest.

Stop playing the lottery and start focusing on practicing the sound daily efforts you know you should be doing.  Acting on the occasional wild idea certainly has merit and gives our lives color and excitement.  Do these – but focus mainly on the ordinary daily actions that move you in the direction of your dreams.  These ordinary efforts will deliver what you seek.