Thursday January 15, 2009 #88

“No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from.” 

 ~ Jewel. From the song: “Life Uncommon”

Frequent contributor MD shares today’s quote from singer, songwriter and sometimes poet, Jewel.  The quote speaks well to us as we seek to improve ourselves by giving up certain habits and behaviors that do not contribute to our success path.  The habits that are the most difficult to end are those we are emotionally attached to – negatively attached, but attached nonetheless.  We spend too much time thinking about the habit we want to stop, rather than focusing on a replacement behavior.  

Today’s action plan:  Pick a replacement behavior for that habit you want to break.  Focus on that new behavior.  Imagine yourself experiencing fully the benefits of that new behavior.  Then, do it!  Again and again.  Only be repeatedly acting in the new way, will it become your new habit.