Tuesday April 27, 2010 #214

“A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success.”

~Cullen Hightower

I am encouraged by what seems to be an increase in people willing to share their expertise, their time, and even their wealth with others.  I think this is one if the outcomes of a more transparent world driven by Facebook, blogs, Twitter and other online social networks.  These networks allow the vast majority of us who are positive and giving and compassionate to finally begin to be heard over the cacophony of those who espouse hate and negativity.  They are out there too, of course, but given the sheer number of positive folks out there, we are chasing the mean-spirited into smaller and smaller corners of cyberspace and real space.  What have you done lately to add to the positive messages growing on the web and to make a difference off the web in your community, your company, and your family?  Your true success comes from what you give others and what they gain from knowing you or being exposed to your words and deeds.