Tuesday March 5, 2013 #503


“The person who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before making a decision, never makes a decision.”


~Joe Moore


Decisiveness is one of the most valued traits of successful leaders. So why do so many waffle on and on without making a decision and moving on to action?  Fear, insecurities, ineptitude, cowardice.  All these come into play.  But the most prevalent reason is the desire for perfect information and clarity before moving forward.  This perfectionism is a killer for progress.


What to do?  Have a clear vision of where you want to go.  Ensure you can confidently trust your sources of intelligence.  Gather enough data to be reasonably well informed.  If the decision involves significant investment in financial or human capital, your due diligence must be greater than less critical decisions.  But even these need not require perfect clarity.  Show your mettle as a leader:  Be confident, be consistent, be firm.  Decide and act.