Tuesday April 21, 2009 #113

 “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” 

~Joseph Campbell

This excellent short lesson is from one of our fellow JAMmers:

Tough business all around and general feelings of scarcity and despair can affect even the strongest and the most positive of us.  Sometimes it happens so slowly you don’t even realize that you’ve been affected.

Take a moment to change your perspective — get out of your routine — let go, and trust.

Mike, my personal story is that after a dark Feb and March, my tenacious self decided to throw up her hands in April and, voila, everything is easier.  What happened?  I think that, because I usually travel every 6-8 weeks that the change of scenery, people, routines shakes up my thinking and keeps me propelled forward.

I didn’t travel this quarter, trying to save money, and really dug in and worked on a lot of deals over the past few months.  The more I heard “no”, or “not sure”, or “yes, but not yet”, the harder I tried and the more tired I felt.  I worked harder and harder and produced fewer results.  I became discouraged and irritable and didn’t realize it.

On Monday I decided to recalibrate and “let go”.  The energy has completely changed.  I have more of it and feel more positive.  I’m receiving a lot of “yes” and “certainly” and “for sure” answers and the stagnation has turned to a lovely creative and effortless flow.

This is Living Right 101 (go with the flow, right?) but when the current shifts, you need to be in tune enough to ride with the slack tide and not work against it.