Tuesday January 20, 2015 #695

“When I talk to managers I get the feeling that they are important. When I talk to leaders I get the feeling that I am important.”

~Alexander Den Heijer


When you think of your supervisor and your interactions with them, how do they make you feel?  Energized or defeated?  Respected or not?  Valued or disregarded?  Leaders can have an amazing impact on the engagement, effectiveness, and energy of their teams simply by the way they make them feel in their interactions.  Most of you are leaders.  Now ask the same questions of how you make your team feel.  Energized, respected and valued?  Or defeated, disrespected and disregarded?  Make no assumptions on this – be intentional on body language, tone of voice, choice of words, and the unique characteristics of each of your people.   No matter what your experience is with your own leader, be the kind of leader you would want to have.