Thursday October 28, 2010 #267

 “Lets put it this way: In leadership, we have the water and they are thirsty. Our responsibility as leaders is to offer clean, cool, refreshing water. The decision to drink it is theirs alone”

~David K. Aaker

My good friend and mentor shared this wisdom with me almost 20 years ago and I’ve valued it ever since.  As a leader, your role is not to motivate others but rather to create an environment in which people can choose to be motivated.  In any group of people there will be those who are naturally self-motivated, those who will never be motivated, and a large group of people who are sitting on the fence.  Your job is to inspire the fence-sitters by providing a motivational environment.  One of vision, focus, consistency, respect, hope and enthusiasm.  What kind of  environment are you providing?