Thursday November 28, 2013 #580

“Success isn’t great because of the stuff you get. It’s great because of the stuff you suddenly are allowed to give.”

~Robin InspirationEnergy


An amazing gift of success is the ability to give of yourself – time, money, skills – to those who can benefit.  Giving can be tiny – a smile, a word of thanks, or some of your time.  Or massive (think of what Bill & Melinda Gates are doing with their foundation).  And for most of us, our ability to give falls within these boundaries.  In the end, what we give is not the issue.  It is that we give at all.  Think of all you’ve been given in your life and think about how you can begin or continue to return the favor. 

Three questions:  What can you and what will you give, and to whom?  Start with a little of your time and enjoy the tangible and intangible gifts you will receive from giving.