Tuesday June 26, 2018 #979

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

~Winston Churchill


We all tend to waste time away from what we are meant to be doing, and to be achieving, distracted by innumerable “barking dogs”. These distractions come in many forms: mobile devices, TV, “other people’s problems”, being drawn into negative or gossipy dialogue, and at times our own laziness. While not all of these can be avoided, if you are serious about living to your purpose and achieving what you are capable of doing, you must focus your attention on those actions that move you forward,
This does not mean maniacally doing nothing but work or altruistic and purpose-driven activities. We must also allow time for reflection and relaxation and renewal. But these too can and must be purposeful to maximize your potential.
To begin, pay attention to what is distracting you. Decide with courage and purpose to allow the distraction or to ignore it and remain focused on your intended actions. Over time, you will become better able to manage your attention and focus. It is worth the effort!