Thursday August 21, 2008 #61

“Here are 3 sure-fire steps that will take you from wishing upon a star to being one:  Imagine your dreams as if they already exist.  Speak as if they already exist.  And act as if they already exist.”

 ~Mike Dooley

More and more evidence points to the ability we all have to make significant positive change in our lives through intentional thoughts and actions. The key is the “action” part.  The over-hyped book & video “The Secret” teaches that if we just imagine hard enough we will get everything we want.  So why doesn’t it work for everyone?  Because the hard part is actually taking the actions that precede results.  You can imagine all you want, but if you fail to take daily actions you can’t be surprised when nothing happens.

So imagine and imagine well.  Speak and speak well.  But act, and act well to truly achieve that which you imagine.