Thursday March 22, 2012 #405

 “The best leaders are not problem solvers.  They are problem posers.  They pose the problem to be solved, and let the team chew on it, wrestle with options, and resolve it.  If you solve everything yourself, you might as well hire robots.”  

 ~Mike Basch, a founding officer of FedEx

I propose to you that courageous leadership is beyond having a vision and the conviction to stick to it.  More important than this is the courage to trust.  To trust, even though the team is unproven.  To trust, even though a subordinate has previously failed.  To trust, even though you “know” you could do it better.

So pose the problems and then be courageous.  Get out of their way.  Trust.   And though your trust may not always be rewarded with success, it almost always will be.