Tuesday January 24, 2012 #388

“The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.”

~Corra May Harris

If you are like me, I suspect you find yourself overwhelmed at times, perhaps fearful and anxious.  When in this state, I become unproductive and ineffective in my work and personal roles.  The causes are many – for me it can occur when I over commit, taking on more than is realistic.  For others it can come from a poor self image, health issues, abusive relationships, and more.  I am fortunate that I suffer from none of these but many do.  What works for me and many others I have known and studied is to act as though I am not overwhelmed.  By doing so, I enable myself the space to breathe, reflect, and take positive action.  In this space, I can determine a path forward and more often than not, regain my balance and productive energy.

Whatever the cause of your own similar moments, I suggest you try this technique.  By acting brave, you often find the courage to be brave.