Thursday August 11, 2016 #821

“One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is to ignore most of what people say. I watch what they do instead.”

~Amanda Patterson

I Like
Most people are skilled at projecting the image of themselves they want the world to see.  Social media has provided a unique platform for image creation.  We are able to post the pictures, the comments, and the links to people and ideas we want the world to see – all a well-scripted image of ourselves.  But is this really who we are?  And as you peruse other people’s Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, or other accounts, are you viewing the real person, or just the image they want to project?  This is why we must engage physically and watch others’ behaviors.  It is not what we say or what we post that tells the story of who we are.  It is our actions.  So watch others’ actions to determine who they really are, and be sure to act in the ways you want to be perceived, much as you post in the same way.