Thursday August 6, 2015 #747

“Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness.”

~Sacha Guitry


When you think of the memorable experiences in your life, it is likely that most of them were preceded by what would seem now a “foolish” decision.  Approaching that gorgeous person (they said yes! – or not); asking for a raise from your boss during a challenging time (you got it! – or didn’t); going white water rafting (you survived! – with maybe a bruise or two); etc.  The point is that anything we consider an “experience” has some level of extreme pain or pleasure – and sometimes both!  But it is these experiences that have made us who we are, and have provided us with the wisdom we now use to help ourselves and others navigate life a bit better.  Stay foolish – keep pushing yourself to do those slightly (or very) crazy things that give life its spice and make us better humans.