Tuesday June 23, 2009 #131

“What we know is no match for what we need”

~Elizabeth Edwards

Today’s quote and JAM is from fellow JAMmer MD:

I “know” and have learned a lot of things.  Every day is learning.  But it doesn’t mean that everything I’ve learned is what my soul needs.  I can get very caught up in what I want to be “entertained” by.  I can figure out how to entertain myself, well, from outside myself.  But, maybe, I need to figure out what got me where I am in the first place.  That is where the growth is and where the “need” is met.  Have you ever looked at someone and decided that they couldn’t see the need in their own life?  Like it was more clear to you than them?  I’m xx years old.  I am just now getting comfortable with what I need and how much more beneficial it is to embrace that need.

Thank you for sharing this wisdom, MD.  We will all seek to embrace what we need.