Tuesday July 22, 2008 #54

Quoted in Dr. Susan Biali’s Blog:

 “Vision without action is a dream.  Action without Vision is simply passing the time.  Action with vision is making a positive difference.”

 ~Joel Barker

Thank you to New York JAMmer, BE, for today’s quote which inspires us to combine two elements sorely lacking in most individuals and organizations:  vision and action. 

On one hand, we lament the lack of vision – that ability to picture a new reality better than today and to articulate it to others in a way that sparks enthusiasm and desire to take action to move toward that better tomorrow.  On the other hand, even when enthused and filled with desire, people and organizations too often fail to take that action.  Why?  Sometimes it is laziness, fatigue and/or burnout.  Other times it is competing priorities and demands from employees, bosses and other constituencies that conspire to keep us from pursuing desired outcomes. Whatever the reason, it is tragic when we think of the lost opportunities caused by lack of vision, lack of action, or both.  What to do?

Today’s assignment:  If you are a leader, spend time today articulating your vision to your direct reports.  Fill them with enthusiasm and then ensure no barriers to the initial actions they might take to move toward your vision of a better tomorrow.  If you are not a leader by title, remember that leadership comes not from titles but from vision and action.  What do you envision to improve things around you?  What action can you take, today, to start moving toward that vision?