Tuesday March 13, 2012 #402

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. That certainly includes me. And, I’m betting, you. Being compassionate will probably make us better, more effective people. If not, at least it will reduce the suffering that accompanies weakness. And it will most certainly make us nicer to each other and to ourselves.”

~Peter Bregman

Compassion is a critical skill we can all improve upon – compassion towards others and compassion towards ourselves.  Blaming ourselves and/or blaming others for challenges is always a zero-sum game.  Though it is difficult, I always try to assume people desire to do good (including me!).  I don’t always succeed, but when I find myself or others falling into the blame game or getting overly critical, I try to remember compassion.  Like any skill, mastering compassion takes practice.  Practice some compassion today.