Thursday August 3, 2017 #905

“When you feel happy, really happy, it somehow seems that you’ve always been happy and that you’ll always be happy. The same is often true when you feel sad, or lonely, or depressed, or broke, or sick, or scared. Something, perhaps, to remember.”

~Mike Dooley


Emotions and circumstances are powerful things.  When enveloped in a strong emotion, be it happiness, sadness, joy, anger or loneliness, it can be difficult to remember that no emotion lasts forever, which of course they don’t.  If we can remember this, we can ensure we enjoy the intensity of positive emotions, and also ensure we don’t get overly lost in the power of negative emotions, knowing they too will pass. The same goes for circumstances, and of course emotions are linked often to the circumstances we find ourselves in.
When in positive circumstances and emotions, reflect on these while realizing the circumstances will change and feel gratitude for the opportunity to feel this way.  And when in negative circumstances and emotions, find comfort in knowing that these too shall pass and usually by your own courage and actions.