Tuesday May 22 2018 #971

“When you begin to help yourself, which means to make the best of what is in yourself, you begin to attract to yourself more and more of those helpful things that may exist all about you.”

~Christian D. Larson


There is much said about our ability to change our situation to the one we want, and to attract our desires by thinking positively about the outcomes we want. This is known as the Law of Attraction, made famous by the book The Secret.
It is true that when we consistently put good into the universe it comes back to us (if we’re open to it!). The Law of Attraction talked about in The Secret is only 1/3 of the REAL secret. Consistent good thoughts + consistent good actions + openness to receiving goodness that creates the magic. Without action and openness, good thoughts have no power.
Definitely focus on positive intentions. But… Be open to your potential for receiving good, and be willing to consistently take action to get your positive energy in motion.