Thursday October 29, 2015 #767

“It’s tempting to try to do everything yourself. But it’s dopey. Even Einstein called on other minds to expand his. When you think you have all the skills to complete the task, seek complementary skills and the fresh eyes of others. You’ll pay them respect and unleash potential”

~Patrick Lindsay


I don’t know of any circumstance when your course of action is not aided by the consideration of options and others’ perspectives.  While particularly as a leader your ability to make a tough choice shows character and often courage, your choice is always strengthened after considering the opinions and wisdom of others.  Take the time to learn the talents and capacities of those around you.  This knowledge will aid you when it is time to gain the insights of others when faced with challenges.  You’ll want to know who to query and whose counsel to politely ignore.  Be ready for these moments and your decisions will be easier and likely more effective.