Thursday March 13, 2014 #609


“To forgive is to permanently shed hurt feelings and to put something away. It means drawing a line under something and saying, “Finished”…The courage to forgive is gigantic, and the courage to acknowledge the need to forgive is perhaps even greater.”


~Edward Crowther



What negative feelings are you holding onto?  In this life, people will disappoint you, anger you, hurt your feelings, ridicule you, take things from you, and more.  But remember:  the vast majority of people will inspire you, make you smile, encourage you, give of themselves for you, and much, much more.  Don’t spend your time dwelling on the wrongs people have dealt you.  The power of forgiveness is to give your mind the space to focus on the incredible goodness of most people.  Forgiveness is not weakness.  Forgiveness is courageous and powerful.  Who do you need to forgive?