Tuesday July 5, 2016 #813

“All The Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
Layin’ In The Sun,
Talkin’ ‘Bout The Things
They Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Done…
But All Those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
All Ran Away And Hid
From One Little Did.”

~Shel Silverstein


JAMmer LB provided the following interesting observation about the power of our choice of words.
“Should” and the impact of our words:
Some words give us power, strength, raise our spirits. Some others, however, do just the opposite.
I often feel that the word “should”, for instance, drains our energy away. Using “should” somehow admits that we are powerless. That we cannot, that we will not take action. That we are waiting for something to happen just by itself.
But if something cannot change, is it worth spending time on it? If it is worth complaining about something, isn’t it worth trying to do something about it instead?
The world outside was made by people having vision, drive and willing to change what they were not satisfied about. Let’s replace “should” by a language giving us power, high spirits, vitality. This may be a small but easy step towards action.
I agree with these observations.  It is important that we are intentional with our choice of language we use to describe ourselves, others, and the situations we experience.  For example, instead of “I should have gone for it and now I regret it”, replace that with “The next time a similar opportunity arises, I am going to go for it!”  See the difference. Powerless, vs. powerful.  This is just one example.  I’m sure you can think of many more.  Choose to be intentional and powerful.  You have the choice.  No more shoulda, woulda, couldas…  Do it!