Thursday December 3, 2015 #777

“When you have much success, two things happen. The first is that we begin to take success for granted. The second is that we forget how we got here – namely, by exceptionally hard work and in spite of intense competition.”

~Jack Mack Carter


History is replete with examples of “successful” people or enterprises who failed to see the changing world around them, refused to alter their approach, and ultimately became unsuccessful.  It also shows up in failed relationships that began as “the perfect match”.  There is nothing like success to create complacency which leads to failure.  The key is to know this and keep it top of mind.  Never stop working at seducing your partner.  Never stop challenging to improve your company’s practices.  Never stop taking risks and innovating.  When we think we are successful is the moment we begin to fail.  Do celebrate wins and successful achievements – often!  Just don’t ever assume that tomorrow the same effort or activity will produce the same results.