Thursday April 11, 2013 #514


“‘Follow your instincts’ shouldn’t be confused with ‘trust your gut,’ ‘ignore reality,’ ‘rely on your sniffer’ or ‘go for glory.’ The rough translation is ‘do your homework well, analyze things carefully, assess the options but eventually trust your judgment and have the courage of your convictions – even if they are unpopular.”


~Michael Moritz


Decisive leaders are valued in all areas of our lives – those that have conviction and confidence to make the tough choices when others are frozen by indecision and fears.  But decisiveness does not mean expediency.  Decisions based solely on ‘gut instinct’ without understanding context and possible implications fail more often than not.  Don’t allow the complexity and pace of today’s life to push you into expediency.  Take the moments you need to understand context, capabilities and options, reflect, and then move with conviction.