Thursday October 21, 2008 #74

“When I go into offices, I see brilliant people looking at a bloody screen for hours.  I say, ‘When are you communicating?  When are you learning and being creative?”

 ~Peter Ueberroth

Thank you to fellow JAMmer ST for providing today’s quote. 

Many of us have jobs which require us to spend long hours in front of our computers, answering emails, working on projects, studying reports, etc., etc.  If we aren’t careful, entire days go by with virtually no real human interaction by voice or eyeball to eyeball.  Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by scheduling breaks in your work to stand up, stretch your legs and seek out some human dialogue or simply take a walk outside and breathe some fresh air.

I do think we can learn and be creative while using our technological tools. However, we need to balance the use of technology with the use of human touch to get a balance of inputs which ensures the best output.