Thursday March 8, 2018 #950

“The world will never discover a person who is hiding in the crowd.”

~Dr. Mardy Grothe


Don’t ever believe that your work will be noticed or that your skills will be obvious to anyone other than you. Similar, don’t assume that a person of interest to you will notice you simply because of your appearance or achievements. We likely overestimate what others see about us, good and bad. Others are just like you – thinking about their own situations, and not having time to think about yours.
If you want or need to be noticed personally or professionally, you must make yourself visible. Introduce yourself to people you would like to meet. Showcase your accomplishments to your bosses, factually and not boastfully. If you are looking for work, you must engage in professional discussions on LinkedIn and other platforms. And so on. The world truly will not discover you unless you show up and speak up.