Tuesday October 11, 2016 #836

“Argue like you’re right and listen like you’re wrong.”

~Karl Weick


In our ever more polarized society, the “respectful debate” has become increasingly difficult.  People can get so locked into their impassioned beliefs that they lose the ability, and even the willingness, to listen to opposing viewpoints or new information that surfaces that should cause reconsideration or even the changing of perspective.  It is the mark of a mature society and individuals to be able to be strong in their convictions but also to possess the courage to listen to rational argument and debate.
I ask you, particularly in this challenging time, to honor your friends, family members, colleagues and others and listen with an open heart and mind to opposing viewpoints.  It is only through exposure to respectful debate that we can strengthen our beliefs or evolve them when needed.
Listen, learn, evolve.