Thursday April 30, 2009 #116

 Ready, Fire, Aim is a rule that reduces the cost of failure, increases the chances of success, and recognizes the damaging impact that the space of time has on any idea – even the good ones. If you have a great idea but lose time trying to “get it right” before you test it, what you will discover is that it will often actually depreciate as you plod along trying to make it better.”

 ~Michael Masterson

Don’t confuse this with Fire, Ready, Aim.  It is critical that you spend the time and resources to understand a need or problem, develop your own expertise, think through some of the possible outcomes and plan for them.  Get 80% there and then get on with it and act.  You can course correct once you start, knowing that you are pretty close to the bull’s-eye already.  The value of the remaining 20% will often go to zero by the time you act.