Tuesday September 5, 2017 #912

“Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent of how I react to it.”

~Charles Swindoll


In every moment, there is potential for great joy and major challenges.  While most moments will not contain such extremes, we should always be prepared for them.  When they do occur, their power will be only in our reactions to them.
In a moment of great joy, we must immerse ourselves fully in the moment to allow the joy to infuse us and nourish us. Be intentional in your gratitude for the opportunity to feel such joy and reflect on the people, circumstances, and decisions that led to this experience so you’ll know the potential path to future joy.
In a moment of great sadness or pain, we must also allow ourselves to feel these emotions, reflect on the possible causes, and then as quickly as we can move into learning mode.  Don’t miss the chance in these moments to reflect and learn, so you can either avoid such situations in the future, or be more prepared to handle them emotionally when they do occur.
Experiences are truly our greatest teachers, but only if we are able to fully experience them, draw from them the lessons they offer, and use that learning to expand our joys and lessen our sorrows.