Thursday February 20, 2014 #604


“Leaders see people for who they are becoming, not who they were”


~Bob Goff



It is said that the first impression is the most important.  This is quite true.  It is very difficult for our subconscious mind to remove the clarity of our first impressions of a person or situation.  However, great leaders do not let this impact their effectiveness.  It is critical as leaders to intentionally force ourselves to think more of a person’s potential than of their history.  This is how we find the “diamond in the rough”, the person whose potential is as of yet unrealized, but with your guidance can find it.  This is true not only for a young person just starting out, but also for the 25 year veteran who may be underutilized and waiting to be “discovered”.  Be the leader who sees potential, nurtures it, and brings it to fruition.