Tuesday April 12, 2011 #306

 “Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.”

~Max Lucade

Thursday’s JAM inspired this excellent response from JAMmer A.L.:

Today’s quote reminds me of two framed quotes that I have kept on my desk for over 30 years, one is “Old foes make good friends” from Franklin Pierce, probably one of our worst Presidents because as a Northerner catering  to the South he made many bad compromises that directly contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War. However he is the only President in history to keep the same Cabinet for the entire 4 years of his presidency. I always think of this quote when starting to work on a new project and make sure I include at least one person on my team who disagrees with my point of view in the most vociferous way.

The other quote is from Dear Abby “Confidential to Annoyed, Irritated and Burned to a Crisp: A good way to measure a person is by the size of the things that bother him.  How will you react when something of real magnitude occurs?” This is much harder to remember in the heat of the moment. But I use it in the same as a guide to making amends.

Perspective, perspective, perspective…  It is a choice we make subconsciously.  It’s time to wake up, be aware, and make excellent conscious choices.  Be grateful for dissent and different points of view.  They can be your greatest allies and source of creative thought when approached intentionally.  And be conscious of the reality of the magnitude of the challenges you face.  Usually the reality is far less tragic than your current perspective.