Tuesday December 12, 2017 #927

“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”

~John Wooden


When I see people struggling, whether personally or professionally, most often the root cause seems to be an inability to evolve with the fast-changing environment we live in today. Probably one of the most crucial skills we all need to develop and continuously exercise, is personal agility.  Agility is the ability to both quickly assess changes in the environment and then make necessary adjustments to be most effective.
What I often see are people failing to take note of changes around them or even in themselves, and if they do recognize the changes, the inability to react effectively.  Sometimes the correct action is no action at all, when change will produce no benefits.  But usually some change, even incremental change, is needed in attitude, behavior, or skills, to take full advantage of ongoing changes.
Adopt a curiosity about the world around you.  Listen, observe, read about, and experience the environment you live in and the people you share it with. Next, adopt a positive attitude about change. As it is said, “change is the only constant” so you might as well decide to be positive about it! And finally, be ready and able to make changes in behaviors, skills, and attitudes to make the most of the changes that occur.
This is the work of life:  embrace and choose to change, since you will be changed regardless.