Tuesday March 27, 2018 #955

“You can and inevitably will be surprised by your own ability. It is often not a question of ‘can’ you do it. The learning. The work. The achievement. It is instead a question of ‘will’ you.”

~Avery Regelman


It is a normal human reaction to look outside ourselves for the causes of our present condition, good or bad. We don’t naturally take responsibility for our challenges and though we may be outwardly boastful, we usually harbor doubts about our contribution to our positive achievements. The fact is that almost all circumstances, both failures and achievements are due to our own decisions and capabilities.
It is time to stop looking outward for blame or credit and look inwardly to both give credit to ourselves for our abilities and choices, as well as take responsibility for choices we make that cause failures and bad circumstances. Even when an outside cause creates a horrible situation, we can both determine our response as well as act to positively change our circumstances. Just own it!
Can you give yourself credit for good choices and take responsibility for poor ones? Of course! The real question though is will you?