Tuesday August 19, 2008 #60

 “Warning!  Your mind plays tricks on you – that’s right – it deceives you. It convinces you to stop trying to create change because it’s comfortable where you are right now – even if you aren’t happy.” 

~Karim Hajee

This quote refers to one of the insidious facts of our human nature:  Our subconscious drives us to keep things the way they are – no matter how good or how bad the reality may be.  This explains people who remain in abusive relationships, employees who stay in jobs that are dead-end or degrading or worse, and more.  In our daily lives, we often stick to activities and methods that once brought us good results but now fail to do so. 

It is said that “change is hard”.  It is.  Psychologically and sometimes physiologically.  Perversely, our lives have become more and more subject to changes.  It is no wonder so many are stressed out, or depressed, or worse.
What to do?  It requires training your mind to welcome change with open arms.  The start is simply knowing the mind’s propensity to avoid change and then prepare yourself to accept and even welcome changes as they come.  It is like training any other underused muscle.  It hurts at first, but over time you not only have more strength, the exercise itself feels great!
Today’s assignment.  Imagine a big change that may come up in your personal or professional life.  Imagine yourself welcoming the change with excitement and anticipation.  Go there fully in your mind and imagine your life after the change – how you not only survived it but prospered. 
Give it a try – you can overcome human nature.