Tuesday October 4, 2016 #834

“Once you’ve decided that something’s absolutely true, you’ve closed your mind on it, and a closed mind doesn’t go anywhere. Question everything. That’s what education’s all about.”

~David Eddings (Belgarath the Sorcerer)


I believe the mark of a person with character and intelligence is that they possess the courage to allow their opinions to evolve when presented with new information.  It is a tragedy to see so many people shut themselves off from intelligent inquiry by actively ignoring competing points of view.  We see this today in our politics, but also in every aspect of our lives.  I ask you today to reflect on whether you are open to alternative viewpoints, and whether you are willing to actively seek out such viewpoints.  It is only through respectful debate and an open mind that we can make our own informed decisions on everything from our political choices to every important decision in our lives.