Tuesday August 8, 2017 #906

“Don’t look around.  No one is going to make you better but you.”

~Sonya Tayeh

From long time Jammer, MD, an insightful observation and sharing of today’s quote:
I heard a quote that struck me today.  It was said by Sonya Tayeh.  She is a dance teacher and choreographer.  She was teaching a new routine to a group of dancers.  As some started to look around to see how the others were doing she said, “Don’t look around.  No one is going to make you better but you.” It reminds me of, not only my students, but many of us who are uncertain about a task and look around to see how others process or complete it.  Kind of like looking to others for affirmation, instead of looking inside ourselves and trusting what we are capable of.
Insightful indeed.  We all do this; seeking affirmation or judgment from others.  It is certainly important to observe and learn from people, literature, and others’ experiences, and use this to critically think about and determine our goals and actions.  However, in the end, only you can take those actions.  So continue to learn from outside of yourself, as this will provide context and help you determine who you want to be and what you want to achieve.  But don’t depend on others to judge or affirm you. You have the ability, the power, and the responsibility to do this for yourself.  Only you can make you better.
Thank you MD for today’s JAM!