Tuesday October 27, 2015 #766

“Nourish the mind like you would your body. The mind cannot survive on junk food.”

~Jim Rohn


We all know that we are able to do more, achieve more, give more, and with greater joy and fulfillment when we are feeling energized, hopeful and positive.  Why not find ways to feel energized, hopeful and positive more often?

Of course, you say!  Then why do so many feel this way so seldom?

The simple answer is in what we choose to “consume”.  Not just the quality of our food (although that is also a key driver of feeling good!), but also the quality of what we feed our mind:  the books, the TV programs and internet articles and videos we choose to read & watch, the people we choose to associate with and listen to, and perhaps most importantly, the self-talk we engage in every moment of every day.

The most difficult of these to alter is our self-talk, but I encourage you to stop yourself from any negative thinking about who you are and what you are capable of.  To help with this, focus on the other two areas:

Choose to stop reading and watching negative programs and articles.  There is so much positive content out there that there is no reason to give in to the empty pleasure of negative content.

Choose to associate only with positive people who build your confidence, make you smile, and who you admire for their positive approach to life.

Yes, I am focusing on the word CHOOSE because it truly is your choice.  Make it now and you will find that you will begin to control and even eliminate much of your negative self-talk, enabling you to find room to think well of yourself – the most powerful driver of hope, a positive attitude, and high energy.  Are you ready to choose?