Tuesday November 7, 2017 #921

“It may be just a romantic notion, but I’ve come to believe that absolutely everything is special and sacred. It’s simply because the miracle is so pervasive that it has become invisible.”

~Jerry Downs


I find this quote from Jerry Downs, an amazing photographer, author and keen observer of life, to be quite inspiring.  In our rush through life and with tremendous distractions all around us, there are innumerable miracles we miss every hour of every day.  We are distracted by so much noise that we fail to notice and therefore fail to appreciate the many amazing people, places and objects around us.
While it is almost impossible to shut out all the noise and distractions, it is possible to pause for a few moments at a time and intentionally take notice of the world around us.  Many do this through meditation and other similar practices.  But anyone can choose in this moment to pause, focus, seek out the beautiful, the special, the sacred in the person we are with, in the room or place outdoors we inhabit, and in the environment we find ourselves.
Pause.  Open yourself and your senses up to where you are and what surrounds you.  Notice the little miracles all around you and take it in with gratitude.  Then, move back into the flow of the noise and pace of the world, with a bit more optimism and positivity you have gained from appreciating the moment of grateful reflection.