Tuesday October 13, 2009 #163

“You overlook what is already ‘here’ as you chase after ‘there’; you miss the ‘sacred now’ as you ponder your ‘next step’; you forget to be grateful for what ‘is’ as you prey after ‘more’.  You search, struggle, and strive, but you never arrive because you can’t get past the thought that something is missing.”

~Robert Holden

In all our ceaseless yearning for things we believe are missing in our lives, it is a tragedy that what we truly miss are the immense gifts surrounding us RIGHT NOW.  I do believe in taking action daily towards the goals we have set for ourselves, our associations and our communities.  AND, the power to do so is derived from the realization of all the amazing good in our lives already.  A child’s smile, a co-worker’s praise, a lovely sunrise or sunset, a new bloom on a plant, a favorite song, the list is endless.  May your appreciation for these things be endless as well.