Thursday April 17, 2008

“Chi Wen Tzu always thought three times before taking action.  Twice would have been quite enough.”


I hope that you’re finding this series of action ideas to help you “get up and get on with it” useful.  Here is the 7th of 8 action ideas to enable you to do just that.

Action item #7:  No more analysis paralysis!

You know the term.  Analysis paralysis is how we describe people who never get on with it because there is always a bit more information to gather and analyze.  Often when you are stuck and not taking action, the reason is analysis paralysis.  At some point, you have to decide you have enough information to make a decision and/or take action – and do it.  There are very few decisions that can’t be undone or redirected with a bit of effort.

Your assignment:  Think about that project you’ve been working on that is ready to go, or that decision which needs to be made.  Why aren’t you finishing the project or making the decision?  Waiting for one more data point?  One more opinion?  One more analysis?  You have enough information.  Finish the project.  Make the decision.  Get up and get on with it!