Tuesday December 27, 2011 #380

 “Promise to live your life as a revolution, and not just a process of evolution.”

 ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

This is the week in which most will either stress out about New Year’s Resolutions, and/or choose the path of least resistance and ignore those thoughts altogether while overindulging.  I suggest a path that avoids stress and overindulgence.

While I do not subscribe to annual resolutions, I do believe in ongoing reflection, course correction, and commitment to big dreams.  This is a good time to decide if your life goals are inspiring enough to push you to action.  If not, you may need to think of revolutionary ideas that push you to real actions.

So, as you enjoy these last days of 2011 with your family and friends, reflect on your actions of 2011.  Give yourself credit for actions you did take, progress you did make, and celebrate.  Then, determine if your goals are inspirational enough to guide your actions in the months ahead.  If not, you might be in need of revolutionary ideas…