Tuesday September 30, 2008 #70

“If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it.” 


As September ends and we reflect upon a complex political and financial world, it is good to take a break and look at a lighter subject.  It so happens that today is National Mudpack Day.  The entertaining website, www.holidayinsights.com, entertains us today with homage to a relaxation/beauty ritual.

National Mud Pack Day

When : September 30th

National Mud Pack Day is today. Pile on the facial. Ladies, this is your day. Guys, you can get a mud pack facial, too. Just don’t let your buddies know that you did!!

Mud packs were once the rage for facial treatments. It is still popular. But, the mud in facials has been replaced with a variety of other ingredients. It is supposed to keep the skin young, soft and supple. Does it work? Girls who use it, swear by it.

Celebrate today with a mud pack. Guys, make this a special day by buying a gift certificate for a facial for your special lady. Make sure to tell her its not that she needs it. Rather, it’s because it is comforting, and will make her feel good.

Tomorrow, you can return to the business of excelling in today’s complex world.  But today, enjoy a mudpack or any other enjoyable diversion. You deserve the break.