Tuesday June 20, 2017 #896

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

~Chinese Proverb


How many times have you not attempted an arduous task that you know is necessary to achieve an important personal or professional goal?  Likely many, many times.  In the face of daunting challenges, our response is often unfortunately to give up.  Whether due to fear or lack of confidence, in giving up we miss the opportunity to achieve greatness.  The way through any obstacle or challenge is to first believe it is a worthwhile goal we are trying to achieve, and then to have the tenacity and the courage to keep at it despite the challenges attendant to any worthwhile goal.  Today’s quote reminds us that you need not tackle the entire challenge at once.  Rather, break it down into manageable pieces and chip away one stone at a time until you remove the mountain that is the challenge.
So, is your goal worthwhile and worth fighting for?  Then start removing the stones from your mountain!