Tuesday April 17, 2018 #961

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.”



We live our lives accumulating positive elements for ourselves. Friends and family, an education, a home, experiences, meaningful possessions, and if we are fortunate, wealth. Unfortunately, too many are caught up in accumulating long past our real needs, and then hoard against others who might “take” what we have.
However, true wealth is when we can realize when we have what we need and begin to build that “longer table” to share some of what we have been able to accumulate through our efforts and talents. Too few of us are living a life of giving due to an attitude of scarcity. When we have this attitude, there is never enough, and we build real and psychological walls around our hoarded possessions. When we have instead an attitude of abundance, we can begin to determine how to define what is enough.
I invite you to explore your own attitudes on scarcity and abundance. Begin to realize where you have enough and can begin to share with others. Your wealth and other excess possessions certainly, but perhaps most importantly, begin to share your knowledge, your experiences and your time.